alicia gutiérrez

Knowmad - Head of Marketing and Business Development

Alicia came to Marketing by chance – although nothing is by chance in this life, so perhaps a stroke of fate would be better – probably trying to escape from her true vocation: storytelling.
At the age of 18 she decided to study Advertising and Public Relations because she thought it was super cool and she wanted to make ads. But along the way she fell in love with the word strategy (“wow, that’s where the great story of every company is,” she thought), so she changed course and embarked on an MBA. She worked in multinationals such as Unilever, Coca Cola and the Discovery Channel, where she almost became the super executive she was fortunately not destined to be. She was lucky enough to make good friends, to have excellent teachers, and to discover in herself the necessary courage to successfully face a change of era. The word digitalisation chased her through the corridors from the beginning, when nobody knew how to pronounce YouTube and taking charge of the web was a task nobody wanted. But she, an incorrigible adrenaline lover, enjoyed experimenting with everything. Until one day she realised that she had left her motivation in the office of one of her many bosses.
During those years, her two daughters were also born, and as she watched them grow up, she wondered if, by telling the story of these great companies, she was missing out on theirs. So she had to change course again.
She currently develops marketing strategies for start-ups, soulful projects in which she believes and which she enjoys, and combines for them the strategic vision that her years in mass marketing have given her, with knowledge of the digital environment and its techniques. She is lucky to have found in them more close friends, superb teachers and challenges to be passionate about.
Today her favourite word is JOY. As well as feeling lucky to be able to contribute her bit to projects like, she is training as a coach, and is learning to make the most of everything good that life gives her, together with her family, who often appear on screen in her Zoom meetings. In the meantime, she is trying to find the script for the story that, sooner or later, she will have to tell: her own.
languages spoken: Spanish, English